"We're writing history for all people attending HBCUs across America." 
-Dejuan Patterson


About Me

DeJuan Patterson is a businessman, public servant, and community organizer. He received both his Bachelors in Psychology and his MPA in Public Policy from Bowie State University. He is currently the Executive Director of The BeMore Group.  


Patterson deems himself a “social impact consultant” for Baltimore, where he uses strategic planning and economic development as channels to highlight and solve the challenges in the community. Economic Empowerment is dear to his mission of education, he has led and contributed his expertise to programs within under-served communities. His professional interests include societal issues in education, public policy, equity, economic empowerment and ethnic/racial studies.


DeJuan has held voter registration drives, toy drives for youth, workforce development forums, job recruitment seminars, art exhibits, and more. As a result, he has been granted several opportunities from Baltimore City Hall to Capitol Hill to consult with various stakeholders on developing progressive solutions for socioeconomic equality and criminal justice reform. Motivated by his own life experience, DeJuan aims to bring about workable, tangible solutions for. “Because it’s not about me, it’s about all of us.”  Dejuan is working diligently to be a voice for the unheard and unnoticed.


Extended Bio

When he is not trying to change the world, he enjoys educating and inspiring anyone within reach through his writings and public speaking. To his peers, he is known as Worldwide Juan because of his love for travel. If you ask him he is a passion pusher, cultural crusader, and inspiring Life Liver who simply likes to educate and inspire.